Landscape-Scenery-Still life Paintings
Artist John Sweeney Derry, NH
Any-Way-The-Wind-Blows 11x14in oil on gessoed paper
Blue Green Buddha 16x20in oil on masonite panel
Oil of a country house
Oil of Chester Farmhouse in Winter
Another watercolor of the Lobster Hut
Old Barn in Barttlet, NH 11x14in oil
16x20 in Oil of an Island Dream
16x20in oil
Landscape 18x24in Oil
Kai Nui island 18x24in Oil
FullMoon-Sail 20x30in oil on stretched canvas
December Sunset 5x7in watercolor
Lake Sunrise 5x7in watercolor
Floating Market 16x20in Oil on masonite
Buddha by Moonlight 16x20in oil on masonite
Red Thai Flower 8x10in watercolor
Tradewind 11x14in watercolor
Up-the-hill2 11x14in Oil on masonite
A day at the Beach 8x10in oil on hardwood panel
Boston Lighthouse 16x20in oil on masonite
Lonely Tree - 11x14in oil on gessoded Arches paper
Lobsterhut4 8x10in watercolor
Sailing1 8x10in oil
Sailing1 8x10in oil
ThaiFlower1 8x10in Oil
Lotus Flower 8x10in oil on hardwood panel
Tall-ShipBoston1 - 11x14in oil on masonite panel
Lobster-bouys3 18x24in watercolor mounted on 1.5in panel
Grand Tetons 16x20in oil on masonite panel
Red_chair_at_the_beach 16x20in oil on masonite
Boston Twilight 11x14in oil on masonite
Lucy 11x14in oil on gessoed Arches watercolor paper
lobstershack2 11x14in watercolor
Full_moon 8x10in oil on gessoed paper
My-Island2 16x20in oil on masonite panel
Fruit Still Life study in Oils
Watercolor of a White flower of Thailand
More coming soon!
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