Basic Oil Painting Steps
See how easy this is! Anybody can do it, really. One of the things you'll notice looking at my palette is I only seem to apply one color at a time. A lot of times that's true. I may only get 40 minutes to an hour to paint, so I make use of whatever time I have. If I'm going to apply a wet on wet technique then I need to work faster or I need more time. I didn't need to do that so much with this particular painting. If you have any questions or need some help getting started send me an email
John Sweeney @ MadKat Studios
Step1. The first step is in deciding what it is exactly I'm going to attempt to paint. How am I going to lay out and compose the painting and what color palette I'm going to use. Here I've selected one of my photos of a corner of a Thai Temple. I sketch out the piece in pencil on 16x20in masonite
Step2. After I apply a coat of background color for the sky, cerulean blue mixed with Titanium white I use lemon yellow, golden ochre and burnt sienna for that part of the Temple . I also always try and use the largest brush size I can get away with.
Step3. Next I apply some bright red and mix in some burnt sienna for the shadow areas of the roof.
Step4. It's close to the original photo but it needs something. I decide to add a pigeon. Here's the finished painting click --> Temple Pigeon
Artist John Sweeney Derry, NH