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Thailand 2009

The color and variety of the flowers of Thailand are amazing and you can't help noticing them because they pop up everywhere. There are 24 photos in this set.
Even though the Floating Market (approx 1 1/2 hr W of Bangkok) is now a shell of it's former self because of the over the top commercialism it still can be an intriguing place to get some decent shots of Thai life. Being there an hour before the tour bus crowd helps. There are 24 pictures in this set.
Got some lucky shots (42) of the beautiful people of Thailand including Ida with her 100 year old Grandma.
Within this set of 45 photos there were a group of 300 Buddhist monks walking from one Thai province to a temple not far from Ida's village. I was there capturing the action as the tired monks made their way into the Temple complex.
There are just something’s that are uniquely Thai, hopefully I was able to capture a few of them in this set of 34 photos. Ida's sisters store was on the main street through the village. It was where a lot of my inspirational people shots came from.
Floating Market
Thai People
Temples & Monks
Things Thai