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John Sweeney Artist Statement:

 I have always been interested in drawing and painting in watercolors but it was more off than on until 2006. I am a person in long term Recovery from Alcoholism and I began painting in earnest to combat chronic unemployment, depression and anxiety.
Initially, I discovered its therapeutic and healing ability to calm my restless mind and stimulate me into happiness when producing works of bright colors, often of birds which I have had a great love for since childhood.
Today regardless of my subject, painting is a liberating and joyful tool I use. All the activities revolving around the creation of my artwork I find therapeutic, planning, preparing canvases or panels, spending actual time painting and drawing and finally framing and eyeing the presentation helps to add joy and balance in my life.
I knew I needed to take some lessons and am fortunate that Elaine Farmer in Londonderry, NH had a spot open for me. I’m now doing both watercolors and oils and I try and use my own photography work as a reference.
In May 2007 Elaine asked me to participate in my first Art Exhibit ‘Art in Action’, in Londonderry, NH.

Artist Quote

‘For me Art is a science of self discovery. Why and what is it about a certain combination of shapes, colors and shades that produce an unforgettable emotional response.
There is no finish line to the depths of this self discovery because just as there are an infinite number of shapes, colors and shades there is also and endless supply of inspiration.’
~John R. Sweeney Jr.

Art Display

Participated in the following Art Shows:
Coffeeberries Londonderry, NH Sept-Oct 2018
Windham, NH Pop-up Show Nov. 2017
Exeter, NH Pop-up Show June 2015
Parallax Art Fair New York City August 2012
Moonlight Meadery Feb 2012
Minor Threat Pop Up Gallery Concord NH August 2011
Londonderry Art in Action May 2007-14
Londonderry Art in Action Nov. 2009-12
Sunview Art Show June 2008, Oct 2009
Londonderry Art on the Common Sept. 2008
Derry Public Library Oct. 2008
Hampstead Public Library Jan. 2009
Artist of the Month Manchester Artist Association
May, Nov 2009, March 2010


Derry, NH 03038